Costa Rica

Current Bridge over the Rio Riyito: Osa Pennisula Costa Rica

Costa Rica 

EWB UofL’s current international project is building a bridge in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. The peninsula is in an underdeveloped area of Costa Rica and the bridge those that would benefit from the project include Riyito, Banegas, and Alto Laguna. The bridge provides the communities with the resources to:


  • Improve the infrastructure of roads and buildings 

  • Sell more of their grown palm oil in a larger market

  • Transport cattle to cities to be sold

  • Improve access to larger cities in Costa Rica


These benefits provide the community with a way to improve the quality of their lives of those living in the Osa Peninsula.


EWB UofL is collaborating with Michael Baker International and the Costa Rican government to design and implement the bridge on the peninsula. The bridge currently used by the community has been deemed completely unsafe and is unable to transport any heavy loads across. It currently uses metal wires and wooden planks to span the 100ft. River separated the communities on the other side from larger cities in Costa Rica. The bridge we are designing and implementing:


  • Accounts for seasonal floods the area undergoes

  • Uses concrete abutments and a truss bridge style for maximum sturdiness

  • Allows for vehicular loads up to 10 tons


We estimate the implementation will take 10 weeks with the communities help. In the coming future students from EWB UofL and our professional mentors from Michael Baker International will travel down to the Osa Peninsula to help the community during the most important part of implementing the bridge.