Water Project

The UofL Engineers Without Borders and Water Professionals project, also part of the American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation, is assisting the watershed environment and public works in the Louisville Metro community.

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The current focus of the water project team is on Mill Creek, with field sampling reported to the Salt River Watershed Watch (SRWW) under the KY Division of Water. This sampling is intended to coordinate with future restoration efforts that will improve Mill Creek, and tentative plans to develop a 1000-acre park in the area. These developments are undergoing inter-agency review, with involvement from KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Sustainable Streams LLC, The Nature Conservancy, MSD, and Metro Parks. Our sampling reports with SRWW will build a profile of data prior to restoration efforts, to hopefully show the future improvement of Mill Creek. Sampling includes general water quality (chemical tests), a new field method for E. coli sampling, and biological / habitat sampling in the spring and summer.

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Water professionals also has interests including but not limited to assisting the MSD to improve water quality, developing local green infrastructure, and community service. This recently includes plans for basin retrofits and green infrastructure development with graduate students from the UofL Sustainability department and department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at JB Speed School. Planning is also underway to partner with local middle and high schools to promote environmental awareness and construct rain gardens or bioswales in community areas near Mill Creek.

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